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The Broadside
Sunday 2/16/14 marks the semi-finals of Winter Cup 2014. We have four teams. Matches at 2:30 Eastern US Time. The team with the higher rank is "home" and the match played on a server they are familiar with.

ABC Server:
#4 TL (visitor) vs. #1 12th (home)

29th Server:
#3 Dud (visitor) vs. #2 NL (home)

Sunday 2/23/14 Cup Final:

ABC Server
Winner 1 vs Winner 2
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Nathan Hale a posted Feb 11, 14

There will be two semi-final and one final match for Cup Playoffs. The semi-final matches will take place at 2:30 Eastern US time on Sunday 2/16/14.  #1 will play #4 and #2 will play #3.

The regular season match between 12th and Dud has not yet been played, so that needs to be played by Saturday 2/15/14 at 6 PM Eastern US time.

Two Teams Out of Cup

Nathan Hale a posted Feb 6, 14
AP and WoJ2.0 are out of the Cup competition. AP has not attended several matches, and WoJ2.0 told me tonight they are out.

That leaves 4 teams for two playoff matches and one champsionship: 12th, TL, NL, and Dud. If your team was scheduled to play either of the 2 teams pulling out, you will get a win for that match.

ABC Back Up

Nathan Hale a posted Jan 21, 14
After talking with our provider, it appears we have gotten the hotfix for the Steam User ID working. ABC server should now be functional again.

Steam ID Error

Nathan Hale a posted Jan 18, 14
Valve updated something in Steam, causing Source 2007 mods to break. The symptom caused is a Steam ID Ticket error. This is a Valve-side error, not something unique to Battle Grounds 2.

A possible temp fix is here:


ABC has not yet been updated. It will be if this error continues much longer. If this problem continues into Sunday 1/19/14, then matches for the week will be postponed until the error is solved.

General_Buckeye It does work, we implemented it on our server and everything seems to be fine.
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